Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms FAQ

I’m feeling really run down with very low energy, what could be going on? Can you help me?
A host of things can cause low energy and fatigue. It could be low testosterone, low thyroid, anemia, stress, etc. We determine the cause of your low energy–by obtaining a complete history and a full battery of hormones and other labs. Then Dr. Walters treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, as most mainstream doctors do.
I’ve gained weight and can’t seem to keep it off, can you help me?
Yes, with our hCG weight-loss program we can help you lose up to a pound of fat per day and keep it off for good.
I have brain fog and can’t seem to fully “wake up”, what can I do?
We would first determine the cause of your brain fog–heavy metals, gluten, low hormones, etc.–and then treat the cause with appropriate–usually natural–methods.
I have joint pain--back, shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, neck, etc--can you help me?
Most people with joint pain can be helped with the non-surgical injection treatment called prolotherapy. Dr. Walters has treated patients with this modality with great success since 2001. He personally has used it to restore his shoulders and back to full function without any need for surgery.

Services FAQ

Can you help me with weight loss?
Yes, we have helped more than 6,000 patients lose weight over the past 11 years with our hCG weight-loss program.

During your visit FAQ

What should I expect to happen during my first appointment?
  • Paperwork will take about 15 min to complete so we ask new patients to come at least 15 min prior to their first appointment.
  • The initial consultation will take between 30-45 min.
  • The initial office visit will cost $157. Follow-up visits cost $107.
How many appointments should I expect to get the best results?
The number of appointments will depend on what treatment you will be receiving and how well you respond to each treatment.

This could range from one to five visits depending on which program the patient utilizes. IV chelation treatments may be as many as 20+ depending on the patient.

Will my insurance cover any treatments?
We are a 100% cash practice.  We accept cash, check or credit/debit cards.  We also accept CareCredit for payment of services.  

We DON’T accept any insurance of any kind. We don’t accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Dr. Walters does not do any preauthorization of any kind.

Karlie will provide you with a superbill that you can use to send to your insurance company. You should realize, however, that almost none of the treatments that Dr. Walters offers patients are covered by insurance.

Other FAQ

Why Dr. Walters occasionally uses profanity?
I use profanity for two primary reasons:

  1. Irony
  2. To call attention to. . .

Irony — a respected physician isn’t supposed to use the F-word — which then communicates a sense that the physician has a self-awareness and self-deprecative nature. This adds an entirely new layer of meaning, and it all comes from the usage of one simple F-bomb.

But secondly, and more importantly, swear words call attention. They signify extremity or urgency. They shock us or force our focus onto something in a more severe way.

Mark Manson explains this reasoning in detail in his blog “Why I Have a Potty Mouth” that I encourage you to read in its entirety.