iCONMED Patient Stories

From Bob Reitz, retired US Navy SEAL:

My history is a military one… I spent 23 years in the Navy, with the last 16 years as an Officer in the SEAL Teams. I went through SEAL training in 1996 and was stationed at USNORTHCOM here in Colorado Springs from 2009 – 2012. After long contemplation and understanding that I would need to deploy more with a new promotion, this time likely for a year, I decided to retire from the Navy and leave the SEAL Teams behind.

For my entire SEAL career, I have always been surrounded by Orthopedic Surgeons (some of them prior SEALs turned Doctor) and physicians that as a general rule, treated us as athletes and practiced with a “preventative medicine” approach. As I approached retirement in 2012, I decided to get some of the long-standing ailments repaired prior to retiring. That mostly consisted of MRIs of multiple joints that really had begun to slow my normally, very active disposition. Of my knees and shoulders, I needed surgery to repair both knees and my right shoulder. I chose against the knees and decided to let them ride a bit more before going under the knife again, but I really had to fix my right shoulder. The surgery took place late in 2011. It was a difficult repair and put me out of commission completely for over 6 months and took over a year to get back to what I considered an acceptable place.

I give you all of this to provide you with a background of who I am, so you can understand how disappointed I was to be falling apart and getting more and more out of shape for the first time in my life. I was going on 3 years of pushing a desk with no PT during the workday. I was 42 years old and, to make matters worse, I felt lethargic and was getting no help no matter how much I pleaded with my local military doctors.

In my division, a colleague of mine was doing the HCG protocol and had spoken very highly of Doc Walters–so I made an appointment and subsequently began the HCG protocol myself. It seemed like a great time to do it given my inability to even move my arm. I ended up losing over 40 lbs. in a little over a month and a half and never felt better.

Doc Walters is more than my physician…he is one of my most trusted mentors, he is the epitome of what getting older should look like and he has become one of my closest friends and confidants. Coming from the SEAL community, we are usually surrounded by like-minded teammates, but after retirement and especially because I decided to retire in Colorado, I have very few people in my life that are cut from the same cloth. And although Doc wasn’t in the Special Operations Community, he lives like he was and more importantly he lives and leads by example of what we all should aspire to. He is someone that I look up to and sometimes rely on for some much needed, very sage advice. He is generous, funny, and is an intense and very motivated competitor–which I also admire.

So, I came to work with Doc initially for the HCG protocol, but I stayed because of everything I wrote in the previous paragraph. I think what makes Doc a cut above the rest, is that he really invests in his patients. I have never had a doctor care as much or invest as much in me as he has over these last 6 years and that loyalty goes both ways… I do everything I can to share my experience with friends and colleagues, so they can meet and get to work with Doc Walters too.

The other thing that Doc does for me is managing my Testosterone levels and he has done so for about 6 years. When I met Doc, my T levels were in the basement and I was gaining weight and feeling extremely lethargic. I feel better and more balanced now and have felt that way ever since. What keeps me coming back is the fact that I can and have relied on Doc when I need him most–as he is always made himself available when I needed help–that, and I always learn something when I visit. Doc is constantly researching the latest health trends and finding new ways to live a healthier and stronger life–whether that be exercising smarter, understanding plastics and their damaging effects on the body or finding new ways to get better rest and sleep–he lives on the cutting edge of fitness, health, and technology which only benefits us…his lucky patients.

I am healthier, stronger and happier because of the protocols and help that Doc has provided. Even when I get off track because of life and work, it usually just takes a phone call and a quick appointment to get me back on the right path. Doc has never disappointed with his treatments and protocols and has always met or exceeded my expectations. I will be his patient until he retires–if that day ever comes for the most in-shape, mid-sixties guy I’ve ever met!

Bob Reitz

From William L:

Having served as a US Army Special Forces “Green Beret” for 18 years, I was plagued with injuries from high-risk training events and multiple combat deployments. The injuries made my exercise regimen suffer and I began to gain weight. The extra body weight made it more difficult for me to get into a regular workout routine. I found myself in a vicious negative cycle. Not able to perform as I had when I was younger and healthier, nor how is expected of elite soldiers, affected my outlook, self-image and I became depressed. I was tired all of the time, lethargic, and ached. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I had to believe there was more to my condition. The Army’s solution to my complaints was to take Motrin and work out more.

I was talking to a friend of mine about how I felt to see if maybe this was a normal stage of aging at the end of demanding special operation career. My friend had recently retired after serving a career as a US Navy SEAL, and led a similar career lifestyle, so I valued his opinion. He asked me if I had ever done a full panel of bloodwork to see if anything was off with any hormones or vitamin deficiencies. I told him, no, and he confided in me that he had gone through a similar time and experience and gave me Dr. Walters contact information.

After researching what seemed to be similar clinics, I found that most are not led by doctors with any background in endocrinology, which was concerning since most strongly market themselves as hormone therapy clinics. I also found that patients in many of these clinics are not seen by the doctor at all, but by a Physician Assistant. It was much more reassuring entrusting my health to an actual doctor, and one with an education in endocrinology. As my friend told me before I met him, Dr. Walters “walks the talk of health” and is a clear exemplar of what his knowledge can produce.

Dr. Walters ran a thorough battery of lab tests which illuminated several issues which undoubtedly were having negative effects on my overall condition. Critically low Vitamin D levels, which helps regulate many hormones, low testosterone, and high SHBG to name a few. Dr. Walters recommended a weight loss protocol which resulted in my loss of 51 lbs in just under two months. I went from the heaviest I had ever weighed in my life at 215 lbs to 164 lbs, from a size 38” waist to a size 32” and more so, the protocol established a lifestyle change which has allowed me to keep the weight off for almost two years now.

At the same time, Dr. Walters managed my hormone imbalance and Vitamin D deficiency. My Testosterone levels are being managed at an age-appropriate level, with no shots I might add, and at 45 years old, I feel like and I’m performing as if I am back in my late 20’s. I sleep better and feel more rested. The Army put me on high cholesterol medications for over 10 years and my cholesterol has always been high. I am so happy to say that I have normal cholesterol levels with no medications needed also.

While lab tests can show me how much my medical health has improved, I could never quantify just how much more my quality of life has improved. I am now an active parent, able to play with my two very high energy sons, coach their sports, and be physically involved in all kinds of family activities, from rock climbing to dirt bike riding. Dr. Walters has changed my life and especially that of my family’s as I am not just keeping up with my kids but have the energy to lead them in a healthy lifestyle and towards our next adventures. Dr. Walters gave me my life back.

William L.

From Janet Zachry:

What originally brought me to Dr. Walters was I was overweight and very fatigued. My husband’s daughter had gone to Dr. Walters and did nothing but rave about him and his organization.

I made an appointment with Dr. Walters and since that fortunate day, approximately 12 or so years have passed. He has helped me with numerous, problematic issues.

To name a few: Osteoporosis, extreme depression, insomnia, postmenopausal issues, poor libido, toxic metals, (he was also instrumental in me removing Mercury fillings from my teeth), hair loss issues due to medical procedure side effects, allergies, chronic sinus issues, joint and cartridge issues.

Dr. Walters has unequivocally helped me with every one of these conditions and so many more. I am highlighting some of the major topics. For example, Dr. Walters does not necessarily give you a pill to fix a problem. He works from the philosophy that the body has its own amazing, self-healing mechanisms and that every part is an integrated system of the whole body. He does not treat the symptom; he treats the root, core problem. Dr. Walters does not give you a therapy that creates “bad side effects”. My understanding of the word, “side effects”, is nothing more than something else in the body is now harmed adversely due to the medical treatment that has been administered.

Dr. Walters is very holistic in his approach. He does not give you a therapy that helps one part of the body and in turn, harms another part of the body system. Dr. Walters teaches you methods of self-help. He does not necessarily give you a quick fix for a problem. For example, for my weight issues, I now eat basically a Paleo diet. I now manage my weight and have consistently been a normal weight for over 10 years or so. I was given guidelines for nutrition and was given help in understanding I had some harmful celiac issues. I no longer eat wheat and am far better for it. My system does not tolerate wheat.

As for osteoporosis, under the advice of Dr. Walters, I spent three years in Cross Fit doing weight-bearing exercises and much more which strengthened my bones. I admit that was not an easy process, but I had tremendous results thanks to the dedication of Dr. Walters and other cross fit coaches.

Dr. Walters walks his talk. He is an avid Cross Fitter and probably, I would guess, has 7% to 8% body fat. There is nothing easy about doing Cross Fit every day. Thru example, he has raised the bar very high. His tenacity is contagious. It made me and many others want to do better for their own life and their own health. He is the epitome of health. His presence, gives you the sense, that you too can have a healthy body. Take care of your body and your body takes care of you. Due to his therapy and supplements, in some areas of my body, I went from osteoporosis to osteopenia. That is a huge advancement considering my age. Dr. Walters gives you hope and the tools for self-empowering control. He teaches you how to advance your own health.

I no longer have insomnia. My entire life I have had sleep deprivation. You can imagine the havoc that has played on my body throughout time and the aging effects.

In combination with sleeping well, I also meditate daily, due to his directions. It has changed my life drastically in a very good way. It has had a very calming effect on my life. As we all know, stress kills. I also use a system called NuCalm that is very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. It is such a joy to get a good nights sleep. As for heavy metals, I went thru a chelation process, to rid my body of heavy metals. I am no longer lethargic, sluggish and depressed. I also no longer have brain fog and think very clearly.

Also, Dr. Walters put me on a regime of bio-identical hormones. I quite frankly think this saved my life in a multitude of ways. I have been depressed most of my life. Within three weeks of taking bio-identical hormones, I no longer had any depressions. I battled with this my whole life and it was very difficult. I am now a very happy and emotionally balanced person. I attribute this greatly too hormone balance. When you’re healthy, it is easy to be happy. In closing, I would like to say that Dr. Walters is a dedicated professional and is exemplary in his performance and care. He is very generous in his time and knowledge. He is very serious about you and your health. I am privileged to have such an excellent doctor.

Janet Zachry

From Mansoor Shafi:

I first met Dr. David Walters in 2005 at his clinic in Fowler where he oversaw chelation treatments. I was impressed with his holistic views on medicine, his background, education and accomplishments. His bedside manner was congenial and he took a real interest in his patients. Not one to write a quick prescription, he took time to get to know the individual before completing his diagnosis and presenting a plan of action.

Dr. Walters then moved his medical practice to Pueblo and I followed him because of my high professional regard for him. He created an atmosphere conducive to healing. Just walking into the clinic being received by his trained staff and seeing him started the healing process. I was just happy to see him. His cheerful, upbeat and optimistic outlook has always had a soothing impact on me.

Over the extended period of time under his care I have benefited much. The chelation treatments took care of some of the issues I was having.

I then participated in his HCG weight-loss program with amazing life changing results. All my life I had struggled with weight and used to dream of a body I could feel proud of. This program that I repeated three times led to a total weight loss of 65 pounds with all its attendant health benefits. My waist dropped from 42 to 32 inches and I felt good about myself.

Dr. Walters then suggested that I consider hormone replacement therapy. He always laid out options and never ever insisted on the course to take, leaving the final decision to the patient. He took time to educate, mentored and provided a good role model. I opted for this treatment, which in a sense stopped the aging process. I now have more energy and feel healthier than at any earlier point in my life.

I would be remiss if I did not mention his staff. He chooses them carefully, trains them well and insists that his patients are truly cared for and made welcome at each and every visit to his clinic.

To summarize, I owe Dr. Walters my gratitude for demonstrating what it means to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. I’m happy I took his advice and continue to do so.


From Oris Reed:

I am a patient of Dr. David Walters. I find him to be the most intelligent and dedicated man I have met. He is honest and dedicated to his profession and patients. Dr. Walters took on my wife (we have been married 63 years) as a patient. Other Doctors had given her about a year before she would be in a care facility. Dr. Walters treated her and she lived 6 more years. Getting to know Dr. Walters, he has become a valued and much-respected friend.

I first went to Dr. Walters with a weight problem., Dr. Walters put me on the HCG protocol I lost 45 pounds and have kept the weight off for a number of years now. He checks my testosterone levels and keeps me on track. I respect the way he keeps me in line. I often do not care for myself the way I should, etc. All I have to do is make an appointment with Dr. Walters and he tells me like it is and what I should be doing and asks why I don’t do as he suggests. He really cares for me as a patient.

I am a Korean War Vet. for 63 years I have fought an on-going battle with stress and recurring nightmares, and they were bad. I have been very jumpy and frightened easily. Anxiety has been a daily occurrence. I lived on antidepressants and anxiety meds. I fought a constant battle with stress.

Dr. Walters has basically saved my sanity. He recently introduced me to the NuCalm protocol. The first time Dr. Walters treated me with NuCalm was in his office. I was amazed at how I felt. I now spend an hour 2 times a day relaxing on the couch with the NuCalm music. I no longer have nightmares, anxiety, stress, and depression.

I have my life back. And I thank Dr. Walters for all he has done for me. I will always go to him for anything I might need.

Oris Reed

From Tammy Goemmer:

Dr. Walters revealed that I was very vitamin D Deficient. I did the HCG diet and felt absolutely wonderful and realized my body could lose weight. Dr. Walters switched me from the synthetic thyroid medicine that I had been taking to armor thyroid and what a difference!! My hair started growing again, I wasn’t constipated, the bloating went
away and my body started functioning again. My expectations were exceeded.

If you follow the protocol of the diet, it works with great results and if you continue eating paleo you will feel great and maintain your new body weight. Dr. Walter’s taught us the
importance of taking vitamins and supplements and how to better care
of ourselves. Dr. Walter’s will really take the time to sit and listen to everything you have to tell him about how your feeling and
what is wrong and you can tell he really cares. Besides being an absolutely outstanding doctor, Dr. Walter’s is one of kindest people we’ve ever known. We highly recommend him!

Tammy Goemmer

From Cole Goemmer:

Dr. Walter’s found all the reasons why I felt the way I did. I had hypogonadism, low testosterone, and low vitamin D.

Dr. Walter’s prescribed me the appropriate medications to treat my low testosterone and hypogonadism. Put me on a round of HCG to lose weight and reset my hypothalamus gland, counseled me on the importance of eating fresh food, organic food, eating paleo, taking vitamins. I felt better than I had felt in years!

I am highly satisfied with my expectations and the outcome of my health and I feel great.

Cole Goemmer


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